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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
  Deafening Silence

I realized today I really don’t talk much anymore.  Not as in speaking but here.  That’s because I really don’t do much any more.  I still admin my sites, litb, boxshots, and that’s really about it.  I spend most of my time reading news and my favorite and only subscribed to comic.  Other then that I’m being a big bum.

School’s the major reason, I just feel like I have no time.  It’s 11:45PM right now, I’m falling asleep in my chair, and I’m taking what little time I have to say I don’t have any time.  I’m not sure if that’s ironic or just pathetic, maybe a little of both.  Most of my personal projects have gone down in flames and up in smoke.  I jsut don’t have the time for them.  Sleep, School, Work, find time to do homework, that’s my schedule.  And don’t forget falling asleep in the computer chair.  Barely have time for the kids.

Caleb is taking “beautiful” pictures with my new-to-me Samsung slider phone which model escapes me at the moment.  Maybe I’ll put them up, good luck making any of them out :D Anyway, I’m exhausted…


Friday, April 20, 2007
  Adventures in Linux Sitting

p3scan.  Great idea! We’ll use it to stop all viruses from coming into the corporate intranet!  It’ll work.  Now do it..  Wait, you need a static SMTP smart host but your pop3 needs to be transparent.  HAH!

Okay, it’s not that bad.  In actuality I just ended up creating a p3scan-smtp.conf file and a second init.d script that load p3scan with that configuration file.  Run it on a differant port, redirect smtp requests there instead of the transparent p3scan and WALA!  A working email scanner with transparent pop3 (and eventually if they ever release the next version, imap) support and a smarthosted, but transparent to the user, smtp host.  Work’s great when your company uses an ass of an ISP like CableOne, or any other ISP that blocks port 25…

Now if only I can figure out why clamcour/clamav does not seem to be catching the latest Email-Worm.Win32.Bagle.gt… Maybe I need the daily.cvd, I don’t know raspberry



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