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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
  Upplus and Bununus

Jen and I attended Elijah and Andrew's music program on Friday. It was all about food, but I can't find the program at the moment so I don't remember the name of the program, I'm sure Elijah will tell me when he reads this in the morning. (Is it wierd that my son reads my blog?) Anyway, I'm putting up a couple videos of the kids.

This first one is of Andrew, singing a song that I learned completely differantly as a child, but that's not the point ;-) He's the 3rd one from the left, top row. We were sitting on the other side of gym and my poor DMC-TZ3 was zoomed in as best it could in order to get Andrew visible. Now that I have a digi-cam, I need a video camera.. It's a never ending cycle!

Elijah seemed to enjoy the song about Pasta. 2nd from the right, top row again. If my kids weren't so tall, maybe they wouldn't need to be in the top row all the time :-D


Edit: Realized I need a way to crop the video of Andy for it to be visible at all at the resolution blogger uses.. Will do that tomorrow..



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