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Monday, February 18, 2008
  Google Overload

If you know me, you know I love Google, and I mean love with the funny <3 and everything! But there comes a point where <3 turns into >_< and for me, it's about that time! Okay, so Google Apps is awesome! The problem is that with Google Apps I have 4 different Google accounts that I need to check, 3 Google Apps accounts and 1 Google account. It's really annoying! I'd be happy to forward all my mail to one account, but it's not that simple. Well, I guess it kind of is, you can set the Forward and Delete option, but why? Why why why why why? The reality is I wanted to get rid of my Google account and just use my person Google Apps for Your Domain account, but then I have to create a whole new Google Account and what not. It's all very disappointing if you ask me.

What really upset me is that if you sign up for Google Mail it's an automatic Google Account, but not so if you have a Google Apps account, you can't use Google Apps accounts to sign into Blogger without setting up a seperate Google account using the address from your Google Apps account. Why the extra step? It don't make no sense to me. But I'm not Google, and in their inifite wisdom they must see something I don't. I still <3 Google, just not as much today as other days ;)

Also, why can't I have aliased domains for email work for everything? Why don't the custom URL's apply to all domains on an account? Currently I use a Apache mod_rewrite script with a default virtual host to handle that kind of stuff, but shouldn't that work out of the bag? Shouldn't I be able to make mail.blah.com and mail.blah.org both work the same? Google, don't you love me anymore? I really must be missing something.

P.S. It took me quite a while to make all the Google's pretty looking, yes, I'm bored as usual.

On a completely seperate note, I think I'll start posting what I'm doing for my Student Obeservation, it'll be delightful. Should have started a couple weeks ago, had a fight in the classroom. Exciting stuff!



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