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Friday, March 31, 2006
  Olly Olly Oxen Free

So, I did get caught up on most of my homework already.  I need to rewrite an English paper and also write an abstract for my Archeaology class.  Other than that, I’m caught up for school as far as reading and homework go.

Did some research into upgrading my computer today, sucks to find out that I can only put an Athlon 1.4Ghz chip into my board [Abit KT7A Rev 1.2].  So looks like I’ll be needing to get a new machine some day, since upgrading is out of the question.  Could always switch over to my MSI KM2M Combo L, it’ll take a 2600+ atleast..  Maybe if I can save up enough cash then I’ll just buy whatever Dell is under $500 and call it good.  Gateway scares me, and I don’t really know of anyone else who can get me a PC with a 17” LCD that cheap..  That and I only game so often so I’m not worried about an uber performing machine, just one that will play the few games I want to play [Right now I want to play Star Wars Battlefront II since David got me hooked playing.]

Old friends rule!  Keeping in contact is interesting for me, but I really want to try, I have a lot of good friends that I no longer talk to, and that really makes me sad.  That’s like a whole part of my life that just doesn’t exist.  So if you are trying to find me here I am, and I hope you don’t mind my trying to find you.


Monday, March 27, 2006
  Been a Long Time

I’ve come to realize that rarely do my Title’s have anything to do with what I post.  There are more just a snapshot of what I’m thinking then what I post..  That’s okay, it’s only got to make sense to me right?  Right?  So today has been house cleaning day..  So far I’ve cleaned to the boy’s bathroom and the living room.

I also started to clean up WhiteBox, but decided the approach was totally wrong.  Why try to make a single application do everything?  It really doesn’t make sense.  An application should do 1 thing and do it well if ya ask me.  So I’m rewriting what I originally was doing as WhiteBox into individual applications.  Right now I’m working on a b(b)?keys editor, because I can.  Then I’m thinking a nice menu editor.  One that will search for common programs and look deep into settings to do some general configuration for everyone [like a browser entry, and email entry, etc.] It’s a great plan if you ask me..  Now if anything actually comes of it or not..  For some reason I’m not big on writing actual applications.. I love writing widget type things, plugins and what not, but full fledged applications tend to bore me.

Should have lots of free time this week [especially given I’ll be sitting around in Brigham for 5 days wink ] hoping to get some homework done.  Have a paper I really need to rewrite for my English class, and then maybe do some reading for Archaeology and History.  Got tests back Sociology (72), History (72), and Archaeology (88).  I slacked off way to much on Sociology, after doing so well the first time I figured I didn’t need to work as hard, that was a mistake.  But I bested my last Archaeology exam by just shy of 20 points!  That felt awesome.  Only thing that stunk is there was 5 points worth of extra credit that I completely spaced.  I was in such a hurry to get the test done [since I was doing a makeup exam and didn’t want to take a bunch of the professors time] that I just left the extra credit blank, I completely forgot it was there.  And I knew the answer! Oh well..  Live and learn and then get Luvs.  But I like Huggies better..  Wonder if those links actually go to the diaper manufactures?

Elijah’s still talking about wanting to skip into 2nd grade next year.  Need to set an appointment with his teacher after spring break and see what she says.  He can do it, he wants to do it, and I won’t stop him.  I think part of the reason is that he’s uncle is 1st grade right now, and Elijah is 3 days older then him.  We held Elijah back a year because we were afraid he’d end up like me, bored with school.  Apparently holding him back made him like me raspberry Oh well..  (Repeat ending statement about live, learn, and luvs.)

Andrew is refusing to clean his room.  Pretty typical..  Last time I went in and cleaned the majority of it “with” him, but that hasn’t helped..  He just doesn’t care about his room being clean.  a friend at work recommended I try projecting with him.  you know the whole, “Andrew, why’s your room a mess?  You are always so good about keeping your room clean, this is weird.  Why don’t I help you clean it up this time and then you can keep it clean like you always do.” Haven’t done it yet, but it’s worth a shot I think..

Caleb is Caleb.  Glued to the tube right now..  Have to limit his TV else he’ll watch the same Blue’s Clues video tape for hours..  He’s also learned he can get out of bed by telling us his ears hurt (he has tubes in them.) Usually we just give him kisses and he runs back to bed, but soemtimes he tries to stay up (and sometimes we let him..  I know, horrid parenting eh?) He also thinks he’s a kitty half the time, normal kids stuff, but always cute.  Talking a lot more.  Actually saying thank you now instead of just signing it and saying “ah”.  It’s a big step for him.  He’s always interested in new words and tries to repeat them.  Pretty soon he’ll really be talking and then there will be no stopping him..


Saturday, March 18, 2006

I just realized I lurk a lot.  Just kinda hang out and see what people are doing.  Not in real life, that would just be creepy, but online..  I have more than a few sites that I visit every now and agian just to see the going ons.  All people I know to some extent, but I’m just waiting.  One of these days I’ll post something on someone’s site and they are going to freak.  It will probably be a bad thing..  Oh well..

Life is life.  Figthing with the job as usual.  It’s hard to do your job when the employer won’t let you do it.  Won’t let you make the decisions or involve you in the decision making process at all.  “Oh, bought this new toy to play with, now support it!” Great fun.  Other day ended up with 3 new computers and 2 new printers on my network out of the blue.  Fracked everything over good.  All the sudden everyone’s terminals started printing upstairs to the newly added printer and they couldn’t figure out why (or what was going on for a while.) Was good for a laugh, but redesignating printers on 20 stations is not cool.  All could have and should have been avoided, but no one consults me, the freaking IT Director.  oh well.. Life goes on.

All the kids are either sick or getting over it.  Elijah missed his 3rd day of school, most devastating thing you can do with that kid is tell him he can’t go to school.  He acts like you just shot his puppy or something.  Completely opposite of my attitudes for school growing up.  I like it.  Woke up Friday morning, the day of a Sociology Mid Term, to Andrew puking his guts out.  So Jenny had to come home from work for an hour since I couldn’t take the kids to daycare, and I went and took my exam.  Was exciting to say the least.  And Caleb is running a lovely temperature of ~101F..  Good stuff.

Got an exam on Monday in Archeaology that I’m just not ready for, not like I was ready for the first one either..  Really want to get better than a C this time though..  Maybe if I spent more time studing....  Yeah see, it comes up agian and agian..  GAH!!

Got my arse handed to me in Racquetball this morning by both Dad and Lee..  Fun stuff..  Usually it’s just Dad wailing all over me, but I guess Lee just felt left out today..  That and I was playing like crap!  Crap I tell ya!  It’s fun though, my weekly ritual of self decimation and humilation wink

Outie… Peace

Tuesday, March 14, 2006
  Slave Screams

I hate being behind in school.  It pisses me off cause then I just stop doing anything.  I know I can do this, so why don’t I just get off my ass and get to work?  The answer is simple, it’s easier for me to pretend it’s not a problem, and to keep putting it off then it is for me to face facts and do what I need to.

I’ve got a current events response that was due Monday for Sociology that I haven’t done.  Need to do atleast one of the class readings to do the response, and I haven’t done that yet.  Got a revised version of a paper due with research tomorrow, I’ve got a ton of stuff to read for it, books, articles, etc, that I haven’t touched yet.  Makes it interesting to revise the paper.  Got an abstract due for Archaeology tomorrow too, haven’t even gotten the article I’m going to read yet!

I know I can do this stuff.  I’ve got the time to do it, I just keep wanting to do it later instead of doing it now..  I tell myself I thrive under pressure, but it’s a dirty lie, I just freak out more and go to sleep scared..  I tell myself I can’t do the work when the kids are awake, cause it’s hard to concentrate, the fact is I’ve never tried, I make it impossible in my mind, I spend all my time doing “other” (read intersplice) things and put off doing any work.

I will start doing better now.  They say that half the solution is a decision, so I have made mine.  The problem is I am not certain how to implement it.  Would probably help if I didn’t get online so much, but then agian I’m not really there, ask anyone who knows me..  I don’t do half the stuff I used to.  I help out on the forums, read news, and chill on im.  Don’t forget the email, I get a lot of spam.  The point is I’m not busy, I just make myself busy to avoid doing what I have to do.

I will stop avoiding my work.  When the urge comes to put off my work, I will turn off the computer, sit down at the table, and do my work anyway.  When I would rather watch a movie, I will do half an hour of homework, then watch a movie, as long as I resume my homework right after my movie.  Homework first.

I will go to the library for an hour after English class and work on homework.  Secluded in the library I will remove available distractions from my mind and view, I will turn off my cell phone and do homework, whether it be research or study, I will not use the computers except to look up books and articles in Voyager.

Maybe it will actually help… Any ideas?


Sunday, March 5, 2006
  Game On!

So a while back I was reading these Indie Game awards at Game Tunnel.  Found some interesting games.
Oasis is strategy and puzzle wrapped in an easy to play game.  Really fun.  1 hour demo goes way to fast though :( .
Democracy was just too weird for me.  Overly complex I think, but to each his own.  There was another game like that a while back, a lot funner, more simplistic (and I’m all about simplistic).  You could even choose between play Bush or Kerry.  That game was fun.. Anyone know what it was? raspberry
Found LinCity-ng one day browsing through wikipedia.  Whoever said that was a good impersination of SimCity lied.  The UI makes no sense to me, maybe it’s just been too long since I played SimCity, but I remember a very differant game..  I’ve got SimCity 2000 and SimCity 3000 here, haven’t bothered to install them though…
So far my favorite game has been Mexican Motor Mafia. Holy cow does that game rule!  I’d love to make a mod out of it, given that most everything can be implemented via Lua is just freaking awesome!  I’ve never played with Lua, mostly just Tcl, but I think it’d be fun to learn.  Maybe when I get the time..

Right now I have to work on a 5 page paper that’s due Monday, it’s another Family History paper for History class.  Have to read The Adventures of Lewis and Clark in the Unknown Interior (or something like that) and use it as one of my primary sources for my paper.  Have to get a second primary source, read the text, and get a second secondary source, and write the paper all by tomorrow’s class :D SLACKING SUCKS!  Ya think I would learn, but no, I never learn..  It’s not all slacking, it’s not having time too..  Thoguh I could have done some of this work last nite, but I was working on a friend’s computer that I’ve had for over a week.  He’s been really patient, so I figured I’d knock it out really quick, it didn’t work..

Ya see, he had a Dell Dimension 2400, it should have the Dell System Restore functionality, but it doesn’t.  So I had to try and reinstall everything by hand and get it back to a working condition.  That poor machine was fracked up.  Nothing would open, it would go to a search dialog.  None of the installed programs would work, and in the My Documents folder was the Start Menu.. Really weird..  didn’t turn up anything on a virus scan, guessing PEBKAC, but who knows..  It’s updating now, hopefully this will work for him.  Had to install the most evil piece of software ever on it though, dude uses AOL for his internet..  *sigh* oh well.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

In many ways writing is my catalyst.  It allows me to vent anger, allows me to express myself.  It allows me to be me.  It’s kind of nice actually..  Just finished writing the second draft of a paper that has been due for quite some time now, but due to other things going on in life I am just now getting to it.  So I have a bunch of work to make up for English, and am still neck deep in caca, but it’s all good.  I feel like I’m actually starting to see daylight, and maybe that’s the key.  Anyway, I have to get to bed, 2AM, class at 9:40, gotta get the kids to day care too..  Speaking of kids, before I go, I am going to share with you one of the few pictures of Caleb that I have.  The saying, or adage, or whatever that you get tons of pictures of your first kid and it wains with each successive kid seems to be true, atleast for me raspberry Poor Caleb!


This is Caleb with Laran’s dog Greta back when Laran and his wife Emily first got the puppy, she’s not so small anymore, but neither is Caleb :D I was just happy to find this picture, it really made my day.



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