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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Been a while..  Lots going on lately.  Time is short, so is my attention.  Just watched Rent, only wish I could have seen it on Broadway, original cast.  Would have been freaking awesome..  Dreams.  Some day I’ll see something on Broadway, first run.  Jen says she’s going to kill me and sacrafice me, and something about a toilet.  I hope they aren’t all combined into one thought.  Just doesn’t seem right..  Peace

Saturday, February 18, 2006

In Utah, chilling on my brother in law’s computer..  I love it, everywhere I go, puters are broken! :D My skillage must be tested!
So what are my plans for this vacation?  Absolutely nothing.  Work on these 2 puters and then maybe just chill on the couch and pretend nothing exists.  Then Monday I’ll go home and do all my homework.
Had to take 2 exams yesterday before I left town.  PoliSci I think I did okay, archeology blew.  Hard too..  “You don’t need to remember names and dates” my butt!  A lot of guessing and 2 essays I pulled out of my butt later, I finished.  We’ll see how it goes.

Other than that I’ve done absolutely nothing of late.  Played some Mexican Motor Mafia, fun simplistic game.  I love it!  w00t w00t!


Monday, February 13, 2006
  Another Day, Another Lack of Dollar

So I got that Sociology test back today.  60/60..  Not bad not bad.  Apparently I have some clue as to what’s going on.  Two other tests this week.  Archeology and State/Local Government.  More worried about Arch then anything else.  I think that’s Friday, due to a postponment, but who knows.  Should be getting back my Family History paper as well..  Now I just need to finish up my essay for English and all will be well in Zion.  Or something like that anyway.

Typed out a crap load for my essay last nite, at 4 pages and still no where near where I need to be, I think anyway.  Really I have no clue as to what I should be writing so I’m just going with the flow.  As long as it flows, I’ll write.  Even got a little bit of dialogue in there.

As to other things in life..  *shrug* Life is life or so it seems.  Just trying to sit back and let some things take their natural course.  Hopefully all’s well that ends well.

Anyway, going to write out a little more for my paper.  Then I’m off to Archaeology class..  Remember, if you are 50 or older, you’re antique [like my old man :D ]


Thursday, February 9, 2006
  Wasting Time

I really don’t know what to say.  Usually people get on these and post anpit great philosophical or legal topics.  Me I just talk crap mostly.  Gives me something to do, an outlet.  Not an anonymous one, cause if you are here you know me or atleast know of me.  That keeps me from posting some things..  Just beacuse I’m afraid of what people would think, say, or do.  Easier just not to post, even when I really want to get soemthing off my chest..  That’s the price we pay for being famous I guess..

I’ve decided that while freedom of the press is good, it’s also very quickly a double edged sword.  Take, for example, the schmuk who gets arrested cause his kid/friend/neighbor/stranger downloaded something illegal to their computer.  It’s not a pretty situtation, cause the poor schmuk gets lamblasted by the media as the next pedophile, when he could have just been the wayward owner.  But that’s the price we pay for such a free society right?  What happened to innocent until proven guilty?  The second someone is portrayed on the media as a pedophile, their life as they knew it is over.  Even if they are found innocent of any crime, it’s not like the news is going to come back and run a top of the hour story on how they reported on the wrong person, the newspaper will bury it on page 11 or maybe even just as a correction, the news will mention it in passing, and no one will care, the damage is already done.

To me this is the problem with printing arrests in the newspaper or online.  These people have not been convicted of any crime.  Even the burden of proof is lowered for an arrest.  Probable Cause vs Reasonable Doubt for conviction.  It’s a big differance!  Alright..  Outie..


Monday, February 6, 2006
  4th and 1

So like most red blooded american’s I watched the superbowl yesterday and took a Sociology test today.  What you didn’t take a sociology test?!  Oh well.  So I really didn’t care who won, though part of me was rooting for the Steelers cause we have a die hard seahawks fan at work and I so wanted to rub a Steelers win in his face :D Guess I got my wish! >smile Great stuff!

The sociology test wasn’t bad, but I completely spaced the whole agency vs. structure portion of the lectures so I probably messed that up on my test.  The questions were: 1) Give an explination of child abuse based on STRUCTURE. 2) Give an explination of child abuse based on AGENCY.

I had no clue so I put 1) Creates Delinquints and 2) Harms children raspberry I don’t think that’s right but oh well..  Had it been something else, like obesity, or road rage I think I could have done better.  *shrug* Live and learn right?

Plans for this blog:
1. New layout
2. Blogroll
3. Gullible
4. Not a fraking clue

For some reason time is off by 2 hours for ExpressionEngine.  *shrug*

Hell I still got half an hour to waste before my next class and no money to do anything with..  And I’m starving..  Guess that’s what I get for leaving my wallet at home..  Alright, enough whining out of me about that..

Not quite sure what my plans are for this week..  Suppose to go meet with the Bishop on Sunday at 10:30, but I just realized I have to work this Sunday at the Home and Garden Show at the Idaho Center..  Fun shit..  Have to send Jenny I guess..

So much crap going on right now..  Alright I’m outie..

Last thing though, if you want to play a fun game try DiplomacyFloc.net has a great Judge.  I was playing a game there for a while, but then we lost our game master and Italy..  Just playing my BSU game now..  England this time around..

Saturday, February 4, 2006

And so the story goes that the man was kicked and fell to the ground.  It hurt..

Every saturday I play raquetball with my old man.  It’s quite fun.  We only go for about an hour to the BSU Rec Center, mostly since I have to be to work at 10 and the Rec doesn’t open till 8 anywho..  Anyway, it’s a blast.  Get some exersice and spend some time with my dad.  Today my little bro came with.  First time he’s come, but it was cool.  It was just nice to have him there as well..  Even though my family lives down the road from me and mine, I don’t see them as much as I wish I could sometimes.  It’s kinda weird cause I didn’t used to care, or atleast I don’t think I did..  I always figured I’d be alright even without my parents right there.  Being raised an army brat tends to make you more independant I think.  You think you’re invicible and nothing and no one can hurt you..  It’s not true, but you think it.

I remember pulling away from everything and everyone cause I knew what would happen with every move..  And ask anyone I know, I’m the worst letter writer ever, hell, I barely talk to me bestest friend in the whole wide world, not because I don’t like him, but because I’m to much of an ass to pick up the phone or write him a damn email..  Don’t know if I’ll ever get better at that, but I want to.  I write my brother in Brazil every week, except 1, I got so bogged down I completely spaced writing him..  Felt like an ass when I got his next email, but he still loves me raspberry I hope anyway :|

Good bye to the Crown

Friday, February 3, 2006
  Eating Worms

Apparently no one likes me anymore, probably since I did update the site in quite a while..  So now, I must eat worms.  They will not be yummy I tell you, but it will give me something to do.

Actually trying to get this stupid paper and refrences to print for my History class.  Due in class, today, or else!  I got the primary source, but I don’t think I used it well..  Oh well..  Can’t win them all.  Anywho, just got it working, off to history class!! YIPPY!  If you get really bored, you can read my crappy paper


Thursday, February 2, 2006
  My Eyes They Burn

They do..  Lack of sleep. I think, but ya know..  So, everyone around my place is sick. Strep Throat or some crap.  Guess I should go get checked as well.  Only wish it meant I could get a couple weeks longer to write my Family History paper for History..  Oh well… Still trying to find a second primary source, and coming up short.  Going to cause a problem if I don’t come up with something fast, and I mean real fast!  Can’t write the paper without a second primary source..  Actually worst case scenario I write it witout the second source and just ttake some kind of grade penalty..  Better to get it in on time I think.

Trying to help my little bro convert this PowerPoint presentation to a SVCD for distributiuon, not having much luck at the moment.  Trying Camasia to see if I can make that work :D Seems like a really nice tool, so far better than some of the others I have seen.  Anyway, nothing else esciting to talk about.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006
  Sweet Mother of Mary

One should not be syaying up till 2AM typing blog posts when they have school the next day.  Just as one shouldn’t be sitting in the computer lab with five minutes left to class typing blog posts, but that never stops me!  Okay, so I’m glutton for punishment, but it’s all good..  In all honesty I’m just bored..  Bored stupid I think cause I’ve got other stuff I could be doing with my 5 minutes, but I just don’t feel up to doing them.  Need to find another primary source for my History paper due Friday, I’d like to find something to do with Native American Slavery in Virginia around Colonial time, actually even pre-Colonial, but I’ve got no clue where to look..  Or some primary source documents having to do with Roanoke, the first American colony in Virigina (which failed by the way.) Any who, guess I’ll have to do that when I get home, after work, 11 oclock tonite....

So far, ExpressionEngine is alright.  Though I might actually have to go and spring for the Personal version, some of the stuff that doesn’t exist in Core bugs me.  For example, on every post I am linked through my name as the Author, but clicking my name takes you to a blank page because the functionality is not there in Core it seems..  You think they would have just removed the link, but no, they have to make things difficult..  I could fix it by editing the template, but right now I’m too lazy..

Nother problem with the templates is that if you click the comments link, you don’t get the extended body, just the main stuff..  Slightly annoying..  will have to fix that too. . Anyway, off to class..

  Rock And Roll!

So it actually hasn’t been as long as it seems..  In reality it’s only been about 6 months, just I’ve had blogs all over the place and nothing here..  So I spent last week collecting everything..  My idea is to get all my crap ever posted online and roll it into one nice little backend..  this seems like it will do the trick so I’ll give it a shot smile A lot simpler than using some of the other CMS stuff out there if you ask me..  And I like PHP over Perl..  No perticular reason why, just do..  So anywho..

I already imported my Movable Type stuff..  Actually going to delete it all now I think :D I know, I’m smart eh?  I just wanted to see if it would work really..  Anyway, as soon as I get everything cleaned up and ready I’ll import my archives going back to late 1999, which isn’t when I really first got an internet presence, it’s just when archive.org first indexed one of my sites :D So that will have to do I guess..  Was actually impressed I got stuff back that far..  I do have a few gaps, but not as bad as I had imagined..

Tomorrow I’ll post my paper I just wronte online..  For some reason it got me wanting to write agian, so here’s this..  maybe someone will read my garbage and find it useful :D


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