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Thursday, February 2, 2006
  My Eyes They Burn

They do..  Lack of sleep. I think, but ya know..  So, everyone around my place is sick. Strep Throat or some crap.  Guess I should go get checked as well.  Only wish it meant I could get a couple weeks longer to write my Family History paper for History..  Oh well… Still trying to find a second primary source, and coming up short.  Going to cause a problem if I don’t come up with something fast, and I mean real fast!  Can’t write the paper without a second primary source..  Actually worst case scenario I write it witout the second source and just ttake some kind of grade penalty..  Better to get it in on time I think.

Trying to help my little bro convert this PowerPoint presentation to a SVCD for distributiuon, not having much luck at the moment.  Trying Camasia to see if I can make that work :D Seems like a really nice tool, so far better than some of the others I have seen.  Anyway, nothing else esciting to talk about.

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