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Monday, February 6, 2006
  4th and 1

So like most red blooded american’s I watched the superbowl yesterday and took a Sociology test today.  What you didn’t take a sociology test?!  Oh well.  So I really didn’t care who won, though part of me was rooting for the Steelers cause we have a die hard seahawks fan at work and I so wanted to rub a Steelers win in his face :D Guess I got my wish! >smile Great stuff!

The sociology test wasn’t bad, but I completely spaced the whole agency vs. structure portion of the lectures so I probably messed that up on my test.  The questions were: 1) Give an explination of child abuse based on STRUCTURE. 2) Give an explination of child abuse based on AGENCY.

I had no clue so I put 1) Creates Delinquints and 2) Harms children raspberry I don’t think that’s right but oh well..  Had it been something else, like obesity, or road rage I think I could have done better.  *shrug* Live and learn right?

Plans for this blog:
1. New layout
2. Blogroll
3. Gullible
4. Not a fraking clue

For some reason time is off by 2 hours for ExpressionEngine.  *shrug*

Hell I still got half an hour to waste before my next class and no money to do anything with..  And I’m starving..  Guess that’s what I get for leaving my wallet at home..  Alright, enough whining out of me about that..

Not quite sure what my plans are for this week..  Suppose to go meet with the Bishop on Sunday at 10:30, but I just realized I have to work this Sunday at the Home and Garden Show at the Idaho Center..  Fun shit..  Have to send Jenny I guess..

So much crap going on right now..  Alright I’m outie..

Last thing though, if you want to play a fun game try DiplomacyFloc.net has a great Judge.  I was playing a game there for a while, but then we lost our game master and Italy..  Just playing my BSU game now..  England this time around..

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