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Monday, September 18, 2006
  Pop goes the Weasel

Ever had those times when you thought you had something to say only to realize you were speaking nothingness?  Yeah, today is one of those days.  So if anyone reads this, I apologizes ahead of time.  It’s kind of just getting typed as it flows and so if it’s disjointed, it’s on purpose, coherence is an accidental bi-product of an imprefrect approach.
Working on a project in my spare time.  Writing my first Windows Service in C#.  It’s actually a dynamic domain updater for EveryDNS a service I have been using for quite some time (years I think.) Ran into a few problems, for example they don’t allow you to update multiple domains at the same time even if you want them pointed at differant addresses (don’t ask.) So anyway, I had to implement a completely pointless 4 minute delay between differant domain updates so as to properly allow each domain to be forwarded.  Only this creates an issue if you have multiple domains pointed at one default location and a single domain pointed somewhere else (as I did..) so, the solution?  None currently.  Create another account and buy a new domain for it I guess..  Still a sucky solution.  I need to talk with Ed at everyDNS and see if I can get them to updated the update server to accept an array of domains or something........
I haven’t started working on either of my projects for school at this point.  That’s probably a bad thing.  And to say I hjaven’t worked on them at all would be lie.  I just haven’t put as much time into them as I probably should have to this point.  I will fix that shortly.
For the My Lai Court Martials I think I will look into the actions of the President in commuting the sentance of the one man found guilty in the precedings.  Why?  Was it merely public opinion that drove the President’s actions?  Re-election?  What made the President take pity on a man who was using the same defense as the Nazi soldiers used right after WWII (following orders)?  It doesn’t make sense to me, I thiknk I’m missing something.
For my Living Religions class I think I’m going to look at Martin Luther and the 95 Theses.  Why?  Because I’ve never really looked at them before.  I like to think I know what was going on and what Martin Luther was attempting to do, but my knowledge is based on 2nd hand accounts of what happened.  I’d like to look at it more closely.  Pete sent me an idea of looking at the Eastern Orthodox Church, not a bad idea either, I just had already turned in my proposal raspberry If I don’t get very far though, the Professor has said we have the option to change our topics, so we’ll see how it goes.
Jen say it’s time to go get lunch at the SUB so I guess I’m done.  More coherent than I thought it would be.


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