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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
  My Eyes They Bleed

image That’s by far my favorite picture of me so far.  I’m really bored tonite and haven’t worked up the energy to start on my revisions of my English paper..  It’s due tomorrow..  I know, slacker!  I’m going to do it, in a few minutes or something..

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you really don’t care about politics?  We had a discussion in class the other day about who we wanted for president, and I realized, I didn’t know.  That should probably scare me, but the reality this in this day and age, we don’t know who the frack we are voting for half the times, we just look for the little R or D next to the name and hanging chad away!  Kinda cynical maybe?

On another note.  I stole my little brothers Sony NW-HD1 Sony Network Walkman.  Not sure what the Network part has to do with anything yet, but I can tell you the rest of it, not so good.  No MP3 support without purchasing a $20 firmware upgrade from Sony, WTF MATE!  Though my favorite part is still this:

SonicStage software Ver 2.3 (or higher) is required for transferring MP3 files directly to the NW-HD1 unit.

You still have to use the POS software called SonicStage to use the damned thing.  Tried transfering files to it just via the Mass Storage Device driver on Windows, no dice, it won’t pick them up.  And these were ATRAC encoded files (the only kind it plays without the update...) Anyway, I’ll probably pay for the update for my little bro.  He just got married and well, I “borrowed” this from him so I guess I owe him wink


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