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Thursday, February 9, 2006
  Wasting Time

I really don’t know what to say.  Usually people get on these and post anpit great philosophical or legal topics.  Me I just talk crap mostly.  Gives me something to do, an outlet.  Not an anonymous one, cause if you are here you know me or atleast know of me.  That keeps me from posting some things..  Just beacuse I’m afraid of what people would think, say, or do.  Easier just not to post, even when I really want to get soemthing off my chest..  That’s the price we pay for being famous I guess..

I’ve decided that while freedom of the press is good, it’s also very quickly a double edged sword.  Take, for example, the schmuk who gets arrested cause his kid/friend/neighbor/stranger downloaded something illegal to their computer.  It’s not a pretty situtation, cause the poor schmuk gets lamblasted by the media as the next pedophile, when he could have just been the wayward owner.  But that’s the price we pay for such a free society right?  What happened to innocent until proven guilty?  The second someone is portrayed on the media as a pedophile, their life as they knew it is over.  Even if they are found innocent of any crime, it’s not like the news is going to come back and run a top of the hour story on how they reported on the wrong person, the newspaper will bury it on page 11 or maybe even just as a correction, the news will mention it in passing, and no one will care, the damage is already done.

To me this is the problem with printing arrests in the newspaper or online.  These people have not been convicted of any crime.  Even the burden of proof is lowered for an arrest.  Probable Cause vs Reasonable Doubt for conviction.  It’s a big differance!  Alright..  Outie..


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