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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
  Get Outta my House!

Just installed a Bluetooth “radio” USB device with the WIDCOMM drivers.  Lo and Behold it decides I need a “My Bluetooth Places” icon on my desktop.  Evil software.  So after some searching I’m noticing that the way to remove it is either (1) install TweakUI or (2) delete the registry key..  Well, that sucks..  I don’t wanna install tweak UI and deleteing the registry key causes other problems..
So I did some poking around..  There’s an easier fix that doesn’t requie TweakUI or deleting any registry keys.  All you do is tell the registry to hide the icon.  Simple enough really.  So, now the icon is gone, Explore My Bluetooth Places works, and I’m happy..
See the rest of the story to get the registry file..

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Copy that into a text file, rename it something.reg, double click to import.  Then either log off and back on, or right click on your desktop and select Refresh.  Or you can just download the reg file in a pretty zip file.  The log off/on or refresh part is up to you wink


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