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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

In many ways writing is my catalyst.  It allows me to vent anger, allows me to express myself.  It allows me to be me.  It’s kind of nice actually..  Just finished writing the second draft of a paper that has been due for quite some time now, but due to other things going on in life I am just now getting to it.  So I have a bunch of work to make up for English, and am still neck deep in caca, but it’s all good.  I feel like I’m actually starting to see daylight, and maybe that’s the key.  Anyway, I have to get to bed, 2AM, class at 9:40, gotta get the kids to day care too..  Speaking of kids, before I go, I am going to share with you one of the few pictures of Caleb that I have.  The saying, or adage, or whatever that you get tons of pictures of your first kid and it wains with each successive kid seems to be true, atleast for me raspberry Poor Caleb!


This is Caleb with Laran’s dog Greta back when Laran and his wife Emily first got the puppy, she’s not so small anymore, but neither is Caleb :D I was just happy to find this picture, it really made my day.


so i guess in a lot of ways i see writing the same as you do, mainly in blogs.
glad to see that i’m not the only one up at 2-3am, i was up at 3 this morning, just woke up and kept tossing/turning.  ohh, speaking of, the timestamp for your blog is off.. or you just hit 2 by accident.
i should do a blog post before i have to leave for work..
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Cute picture.
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