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Tuesday, December 5, 2006
  Dead Week

Evil name for the last week of stress.  They call it dead week cause that’s what you are by Friday..  So I’ve got 3 papers due, 2 Friday, 1 Monday.  It’ll be fun stuff.  The one due Monday is actually a revision of my previously written History paper dealing with My Lai.  That is not a fun topic… English paper due Friday I’ve got no idea what I’m doing still.  Living Religions paper due Friday on Prophetic Views of Martin Luther in Catholicism and Protestantism.  Got 2 more book reviews to get in for that one too..  I’m sure I hear someone yelling that I should stop procrastinating (Mom, is that you Mom?) but it’s so in my nature raspberry

Right now I’m actually chillin at work waiting for a paycheck that was suppose to have been issued yesterday.  Boss man keeps asking me questions and I’m not answering cause I’m not on the clock.  I know, that’s evil, but I don’t want to be here, I want to be home reading my damn books for my papers, but I need to go deposit my paychecks so shit stops bouncing on my checking account.  Finances suck!’

So I think I’m going to get my JD after I graduate.  Means we’ll have to move to Moscow, Idaho.  Jen doesn’t know yet, I ain’t said nothing.  Partly because I just found out about that last part.  I don’t know how thrilled Jen will be about that.  To go to law school we will have to move, that’s all there is to it.  Or I will, don’t think Jen will want me to disappear for the semesters, but..


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