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Friday, January 11, 2008
  Virginia Ponderings

So as of late I've been looking at what I am actually going to do given that I graduate in under a year. Life seems different from this end of the educational journey. While I have no immediate plans after graduating I am looking into the JET Programme as a possibility. I promised Jenny no major moves until she graduates so she has the chance to finish her degree without having to go through a while credit transferring crisis. Another distinct possibility is law school, but again I'd have to wait. I start subbing in the local school districts, but I really haven't looked into anything too much.

Anyway, after Jen graduates we're talking about moving east. Neither of us has really had any exposure to that general area, other than my time in Kentucky, and figured it might be a nice change. We've talked about Virginia, for no real reason, just seemed like a place to talk about. According to Wikipedia, Virginia is ranked highly for their public education system. NEA has them ranked 20th for average teacher's salary. *shrug* All better than Idaho ;)

For a completely different story. I managed to destroy 200G of data on a hard drive when I tried to move it from an NTFS partition to a UFS partitioned disk. So I've been running Runtime's GetDataBack and HDHost on a Bart's PE disc trying to resurrect as much of it as possible. It'll finish up the scan in 7 hours it says, it started at 2AM. *sigh* That's what I get for trying to move that much data around anyway. Should've copied it and then deleted the original :P

Update: So the 7 hours game and went and it seems to be doing a new scan now. Looks to be an additional 17 hours! w00t!


Hi. Remember me?

Peace... Sridhar
Is that suppose to be a trick question? Who could ever forget Wastrel? Jenny even remembers who you are ;) It's been a really long time! What are you up to now?
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