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Tuesday, January 1, 2008
  Car Rides From Hell

So after a not-so-lovely car ride from Eagle Mountain to Boise, I realized that car rides blow. There's really nothing else to it, spending 4 hours (no officer, I don't speed) in a '98 Plymouth Grand Voyager with a cranky 1 year old who is missing his nap, a way to energetic 4 year old who entertains himself by teasing the baby, the getting-better-at-not-driving-dad-up-the-wall-while-dad-drives 6 year old, a usually good behaved 8 year old, and a tired wife equals not a lot of fun. Makes me wonder how my parents made the drive from Hopkinsville, Kentucky to Fairbanks, Alaska by way of Boise Idaho and Yellowstone National Park if I recall correctly [editor. I have since been corrected and informed that we did not go through Yellowston on this trip], without throwing one of us out the freaking window. We spent 7 days on that drive I think, and the 5 hours I did today were about too much. And in case you are wondering I do realize I just added an hour to the driving time, that's because the more I think about it, the longer it seems ;-)

Today's events went something as follows:
1:00AM - Bedtime for Me and Jen following New Years Eve
6:00AM - Caleb wakes up and decides to crawl into the double bed me and Jen are sharing, I become wedge shaped
7:00AM - Elijah wakes up and presumably wakes Andrew up and they go into the Living Room to play Xbox, I forgot to tell them I had already packed it up last night. They watch cartoons instead. I attempt to move Caleb back into his sleeping bag.
7:15AM - Caleb gets out of his sleeping bag and joins the other 2 in the living room. Decides it would be a bad idea to sneak back into mom & dad's be or to bug grandma and grandpa (something he had apparently been doing all week...)
8:00AM - Devin wakes up, Jenny gets him up.
8:05AM - Jenny decides it's unfair that she is the only one awake and literally pounces on the bed to wake me up. I beg and plead for 30 more minutes to no avail. I hide under the covers. Jenny relents and goes to give Devin a bath or breakfast or something (I was tired) telling me to get out of bed as she leaves the room.
8:10AM - Kids decide to play hide and seek as apparently TV is not the great babysitter people say it is. They seek their way right into the 100 sq. ft. room I'm sleeping in instead of the 2000 other sq. ft available. No abounds. I realize I will get no more sleep but refuse to leave the warm of the bed.
8:15AM - Jen is deadly serious, I worm my way out of the last inch of covers she has left me after prying the other 3 blankets from my clutches. Head to bathroom to take a shower.
8:20AM - No hot water. Get out of shower, start packing van. Freeze self in the -1000 degree cold (supposedly it was 10F but I think it lies!) attempting to back 2.5 times the amount of stuff we brought to Utah
9:00AM - Notice almost finished packing van, tell children to get shoes, socks & coats on. Realize two are still in PJs. Tell them to get dressed with the clothes we picked out yesterday.
9:15AM - "Remind" children that they were suppose to get shoes, socks & coats on. Last stage of shoving the crap wherever it will fit.
9:30AM - Done packing. Starting to haul children to car one by one after they make the rounds of hugs and kisses to the family.
9:45AM - Everyone is buckled and we are off! To McDonalds... Jen and I forgot breakfast....

Finally got to Boise at about 4:30. McDonalds took an hour cause they were slammed.. Who woulda thunk that many people ate breakfast? Also made a stop in Brigham City to see Jen's sister and a stop in Burley for gas/pit stop.

Next time on the Exciting Adventures of Brian, work! Not really, not usually as exciting ;)

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