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Sunday, December 16, 2007
  Old School Xbox Gaming

As my dead week stress relief I have beaten 2 Xbox games: Dreamfall and Gun.  Here’s my quick reviews!  P.S. Saw I Am Legend, book was better, movie’s not bad, but…

Gun Good game.  Action keeps you going, side quests are fun though the idea is usually the same and Pony Express gets on your nerves cause it’s spurin the horse to the limit and jumping off with seconds to spare, but I guess that’s realistic right?  Played the game on normal and it wasn’t too bad, the hunting missions where the worst as you had to be aiming the bow just right and really have the animal in the cross hairs.  Story line was interesting, lots of blood, wish the scalpings actually did something, stats, money, something.  Money is overabundant, if you can’t buy all the upgrades you’ve done something seriously wrong as I had a couple hundred bucks left over.

Dreamfall It’s an RPG, minus the RPG.  Completely linear story line that mostly consists of running back and forth between two or more places.  Combat (the two or three times you use it) is slow and clunky.  There’s really nothing going on, and in the end the story doesn’t even wrap well! Come on people, WTF?!?!!? Finished the game mostly because the story was interesting, game play was boring after about the first 20 minutes.  Some puzzles that are interesting, but there were times I spent 15-20 minutes trying to figure out what the hell I was suppossed to be doing before I final would give up and look at a walkthrough (something I didn’t have to do with Gun.) Usually it was something retarded too like, “look for the cracked wall and secret door.” Stupid uni directional games with no guidance.  And then there were the times you got into conversations with the AI where backstory had never been mentioned, that was akward (Calculator, need I say more or did I really miss something?) Anyway.  Play Gun, avoid Dreamfall, find better RPG.


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