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Sunday, March 5, 2006
  Game On!

So a while back I was reading these Indie Game awards at Game Tunnel.  Found some interesting games.
Oasis is strategy and puzzle wrapped in an easy to play game.  Really fun.  1 hour demo goes way to fast though :( .
Democracy was just too weird for me.  Overly complex I think, but to each his own.  There was another game like that a while back, a lot funner, more simplistic (and I’m all about simplistic).  You could even choose between play Bush or Kerry.  That game was fun.. Anyone know what it was? raspberry
Found LinCity-ng one day browsing through wikipedia.  Whoever said that was a good impersination of SimCity lied.  The UI makes no sense to me, maybe it’s just been too long since I played SimCity, but I remember a very differant game..  I’ve got SimCity 2000 and SimCity 3000 here, haven’t bothered to install them though…
So far my favorite game has been Mexican Motor Mafia. Holy cow does that game rule!  I’d love to make a mod out of it, given that most everything can be implemented via Lua is just freaking awesome!  I’ve never played with Lua, mostly just Tcl, but I think it’d be fun to learn.  Maybe when I get the time..

Right now I have to work on a 5 page paper that’s due Monday, it’s another Family History paper for History class.  Have to read The Adventures of Lewis and Clark in the Unknown Interior (or something like that) and use it as one of my primary sources for my paper.  Have to get a second primary source, read the text, and get a second secondary source, and write the paper all by tomorrow’s class :D SLACKING SUCKS!  Ya think I would learn, but no, I never learn..  It’s not all slacking, it’s not having time too..  Thoguh I could have done some of this work last nite, but I was working on a friend’s computer that I’ve had for over a week.  He’s been really patient, so I figured I’d knock it out really quick, it didn’t work..

Ya see, he had a Dell Dimension 2400, it should have the Dell System Restore functionality, but it doesn’t.  So I had to try and reinstall everything by hand and get it back to a working condition.  That poor machine was fracked up.  Nothing would open, it would go to a search dialog.  None of the installed programs would work, and in the My Documents folder was the Start Menu.. Really weird..  didn’t turn up anything on a virus scan, guessing PEBKAC, but who knows..  It’s updating now, hopefully this will work for him.  Had to install the most evil piece of software ever on it though, dude uses AOL for his internet..  *sigh* oh well.

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