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Saturday, March 18, 2006

I just realized I lurk a lot.  Just kinda hang out and see what people are doing.  Not in real life, that would just be creepy, but online..  I have more than a few sites that I visit every now and agian just to see the going ons.  All people I know to some extent, but I’m just waiting.  One of these days I’ll post something on someone’s site and they are going to freak.  It will probably be a bad thing..  Oh well..

Life is life.  Figthing with the job as usual.  It’s hard to do your job when the employer won’t let you do it.  Won’t let you make the decisions or involve you in the decision making process at all.  “Oh, bought this new toy to play with, now support it!” Great fun.  Other day ended up with 3 new computers and 2 new printers on my network out of the blue.  Fracked everything over good.  All the sudden everyone’s terminals started printing upstairs to the newly added printer and they couldn’t figure out why (or what was going on for a while.) Was good for a laugh, but redesignating printers on 20 stations is not cool.  All could have and should have been avoided, but no one consults me, the freaking IT Director.  oh well.. Life goes on.

All the kids are either sick or getting over it.  Elijah missed his 3rd day of school, most devastating thing you can do with that kid is tell him he can’t go to school.  He acts like you just shot his puppy or something.  Completely opposite of my attitudes for school growing up.  I like it.  Woke up Friday morning, the day of a Sociology Mid Term, to Andrew puking his guts out.  So Jenny had to come home from work for an hour since I couldn’t take the kids to daycare, and I went and took my exam.  Was exciting to say the least.  And Caleb is running a lovely temperature of ~101F..  Good stuff.

Got an exam on Monday in Archeaology that I’m just not ready for, not like I was ready for the first one either..  Really want to get better than a C this time though..  Maybe if I spent more time studing....  Yeah see, it comes up agian and agian..  GAH!!

Got my arse handed to me in Racquetball this morning by both Dad and Lee..  Fun stuff..  Usually it’s just Dad wailing all over me, but I guess Lee just felt left out today..  That and I was playing like crap!  Crap I tell ya!  It’s fun though, my weekly ritual of self decimation and humilation wink

Outie… Peace

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