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Monday, March 27, 2006
  Been a Long Time

I’ve come to realize that rarely do my Title’s have anything to do with what I post.  There are more just a snapshot of what I’m thinking then what I post..  That’s okay, it’s only got to make sense to me right?  Right?  So today has been house cleaning day..  So far I’ve cleaned to the boy’s bathroom and the living room.

I also started to clean up WhiteBox, but decided the approach was totally wrong.  Why try to make a single application do everything?  It really doesn’t make sense.  An application should do 1 thing and do it well if ya ask me.  So I’m rewriting what I originally was doing as WhiteBox into individual applications.  Right now I’m working on a b(b)?keys editor, because I can.  Then I’m thinking a nice menu editor.  One that will search for common programs and look deep into settings to do some general configuration for everyone [like a browser entry, and email entry, etc.] It’s a great plan if you ask me..  Now if anything actually comes of it or not..  For some reason I’m not big on writing actual applications.. I love writing widget type things, plugins and what not, but full fledged applications tend to bore me.

Should have lots of free time this week [especially given I’ll be sitting around in Brigham for 5 days wink ] hoping to get some homework done.  Have a paper I really need to rewrite for my English class, and then maybe do some reading for Archaeology and History.  Got tests back Sociology (72), History (72), and Archaeology (88).  I slacked off way to much on Sociology, after doing so well the first time I figured I didn’t need to work as hard, that was a mistake.  But I bested my last Archaeology exam by just shy of 20 points!  That felt awesome.  Only thing that stunk is there was 5 points worth of extra credit that I completely spaced.  I was in such a hurry to get the test done [since I was doing a makeup exam and didn’t want to take a bunch of the professors time] that I just left the extra credit blank, I completely forgot it was there.  And I knew the answer! Oh well..  Live and learn and then get Luvs.  But I like Huggies better..  Wonder if those links actually go to the diaper manufactures?

Elijah’s still talking about wanting to skip into 2nd grade next year.  Need to set an appointment with his teacher after spring break and see what she says.  He can do it, he wants to do it, and I won’t stop him.  I think part of the reason is that he’s uncle is 1st grade right now, and Elijah is 3 days older then him.  We held Elijah back a year because we were afraid he’d end up like me, bored with school.  Apparently holding him back made him like me raspberry Oh well..  (Repeat ending statement about live, learn, and luvs.)

Andrew is refusing to clean his room.  Pretty typical..  Last time I went in and cleaned the majority of it “with” him, but that hasn’t helped..  He just doesn’t care about his room being clean.  a friend at work recommended I try projecting with him.  you know the whole, “Andrew, why’s your room a mess?  You are always so good about keeping your room clean, this is weird.  Why don’t I help you clean it up this time and then you can keep it clean like you always do.” Haven’t done it yet, but it’s worth a shot I think..

Caleb is Caleb.  Glued to the tube right now..  Have to limit his TV else he’ll watch the same Blue’s Clues video tape for hours..  He’s also learned he can get out of bed by telling us his ears hurt (he has tubes in them.) Usually we just give him kisses and he runs back to bed, but soemtimes he tries to stay up (and sometimes we let him..  I know, horrid parenting eh?) He also thinks he’s a kitty half the time, normal kids stuff, but always cute.  Talking a lot more.  Actually saying thank you now instead of just signing it and saying “ah”.  It’s a big step for him.  He’s always interested in new words and tries to repeat them.  Pretty soon he’ll really be talking and then there will be no stopping him..


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