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Friday, February 16, 2007
  Compiling mksquashfs 1.3r3

So I’ve been playing with the firmware on my Actiontec GT701-wg from qwest.  Tweaking settings while it’s running and what not.  Well, I’m tired of doing that, I want it to startup with my settings so I’ve been doing some research.  Lots of information on these.  So I did my reading, and quickly ran into a problem.  I could extract the SquashFS image from the recovery zip, but squashfs-tools on Debian was too new.  Apparently you can’t uses SquashFS 3 tools to make a SquashFS 1 filesystem.  So I had to get mksquashfs for SquashFS 1.  Luckicly sub.st had a mirror for squashfs 1.3r3, the last SquashFS 1 release.

Compiling it was going to be it’s own headache though.  In the end I had to install zlib-bin, zlib1g, and zlib1g-dev (thanks HyperWRT) as well as gcc.  Then I had to edit the source in 2 locations because gcc4 did not like the assignment statements.

mksquashfs.c line 433

inodep = (squashfs_reg_inode_header *) inode= get_inode(sizeof(*reg) +
         offset * sizeof(unsigned short));

was changed to

inode = get_inode(sizeof(*reg) +
         offset * sizeof(unsigned short));
inodep = (squashfs_reg_inode_header *) inode;

mksquashfs.c line 490

inodep = (squashfs_symlink_inode_header *) inode= get_inode(sizeof(*symlink) + byte);

was changed to

inode = get_inode(sizeof(*symlink) + byte);
inodep = (squashfs_symlink_inode_header *) inode;

Everything compiled and as far as I can tell I have a working mksqaushfs 1.3r3 smile


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