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Sunday, January 27, 2008
  Max Occupancy: 6

Okay, so this morning me and the kids determined the maximum occupancy of one king size bed to be six. Me, one 8 year old, one 6 year old, one 4 year old, one 1 year old, and one puppy. Doesn't leave much room for movement or comfort, but it is conducive to a lot of tickling. We had fun, the kids got a kick out of it, Little Bit thought she was in heaven, and even Devon tried jumping on the bed. It was great.

Yesterday, I was making Peanut Butter and Nutella sandwiches for the kids. Good stuff, everyone should eat chocolate-hazelnut spread, it's good for you ;) Anyway, me and Andrew had the following conversation:

Andrew: Dad, what kind of bread is that?
Me: It's Opa's homemade whole wheat bread.
Andrew: But I don't like whole weed bread Dad.

Wasn't quite sure where to take the conversation from there, to Just Say No or something similar or just to leave it alone as one of what I'm sure will be many Freudian Slips.


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