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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
  Something New

I decided to try something different for once, instead of me wasting my money, I figured I'd see if someone could use a little of it. I'd heard about Kiva a while back, but never signed up. "I don't have the money," I told myself and to some extent I was right. I never have the money, because it's always spent. McDonalds, Taco Bell, Subway, etc eats money fast. And I can make a ton of excuses about how it's easier/faster/etc but the reality is that it's convenient and I'm lazy. I blow a lot of money on stuff that I have nothing to show for it, so I decide it was time to do something different. Instead I decide I would try and lend some money to someone who could (1) actually use it, and (2) might be able to do something better with it.

My first thought was, well where am I going to get the money? And then I realized I was sitting on some of my old ad revenue. It wasn't much, but I'd probably blow it on fast food anyway. So I committed myself to lending $25. It's not much, but it's a start for someone like me. Then I had to find a place to lend money. NPR had done a story on Kiva a while back, so I went online to do some research. While searching I also found Microplace and Prosper. Each was a little different. I really was excited about Prosper, because it seemed to be the idea of a community supporting each other, and that was awesome! But it's minimum bid is $50 and over my limit for this experiment. Honestly I found Microplace confusing and limited, so after a little more research, poking, prodding, and self-assurance I signed up for Kiva and did my first microloan. Now I just wait and see if everything works out for Victoriano. I wish him the best. Check out Kiva, if I've got $25 I'm sure you do too ;) If you got a little more and want to try and make some money of microlending, try Prosper. For me, I figure either-way someone spends my money, I don't see anything out of it, but maybe they will..


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