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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
  Tis the season

Of failing Power Supplies apparently.. I've had 3 power supplies go out on me this week alone. So far I've been able to replace them, but I don't have any more extra power supplies.. In fact I ended up stripping my FreeNAS server down to hard-drives and cd-rom because all I had left was a tiny 200W psu. So to conserve power (cause you never know how much you're actually using, unless you're using too much) I pulled *everything*. In fact if I hadn't of booted and stayed up for the last 12 hours I would have pulled the CD-ROM too :D Luckily that was not needed.

What really kills me though is the Enermax NoiseTaker II that I had. Enermax has a 3 year warranty on their PSUs. It died yesterday with a loud pop, and then everything died. So doing my due dillegence I lookup the RMA info, (which is where I find out about the 3 year warranty.) I knew it had been purchased at NewEgg, so I look up the invoice. I'm not kidding here folks, the fan was bought 28 May 2005. It died almost exactly 3 years to the day after it was purchased! Coinkidink? I say No! This is a global consiparacy! It's just my PSU was defect and died before the warranty expired instead of after. ;)

So wanting to get my full $160US worth of PSU out of Enermax, I filled out an RMA request last night and sent it off. Let's see how that one plays out :D

One a differant note, classes are finally over. My GPA took a pretty good hit this semester. What's interesting is the class I thought I was getting a B in (Teaching Social Studies to Secondary Students) I got a C, and the class I thought I was getting the C in (Educational Literacy) I got a B.. Would have been happier with 2 B's but... One more semester to go...

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