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Saturday, August 30, 2008
  Apple a Day

Jen took Caleb in for his physical so he could get into headstart earlier this week. Of course to get the physical done without waiting 2 months to see his physician we had to get a referral to a partner in Eagle who had an appointment 2 weeks out.. That was dumb enough to start with. Anyway, we got the appointment and Jen took him on Wednesday.

So our physician, Dr. Naya Antik from St. Alphonsus Pediatrics Group (formerly Boise Pediatrics), knows our family really well. She's been the kids doctor since shortly after we moved down in 2001. She has seen me and Jenny come in with the kids, and has been there through some of the worst times in our lives, so we like Naya ;-) Plus Naya doesn't give us crap about our kids being too skinny or what not.

So Jen takes Caleb in for his physical. During the course of the physical, the doctor proceeds to tell Jenny how Caleb should still be in a booster seat, technically true because he's still only 4, but when his neck is resting on the top of the booster or the top of the seat I'd rather he have more support behind him in case of an accident, how he should have full protective gear when riding his scooter, bubble wrap doesn't count anymore I guess, and then starts questioning why he's so skinny. Goes something like this:

Doctor: So he's only in the 75th percentile for weight, and about the 90th percentile for height. We really would like him to weigh more. You're pretty tall and skinny though, what about your husband?

Jenny: He's 6'2" and about 155 pounds.

Doctor (to Caleb): Oh, I guess that's why, you just have really good genes huh?

Caleb: Yep! And I got a belt too!



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