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Thursday, April 13, 2006
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So I got tired of GAIM‘s footprint and having GTK installed for one application.  So I’m making the move to Jabber.  Right now I’ve got Psi running well.  Connected to myGoogle Talk account, gateways all setup for AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN.  Let me tell you, that was a bear.  Ended up having to use Netlab.cz for AIM, MSN, and Yahoo, and Swiss Jabber for ICQ.  But it’s all running great now.  The plan is that I’ll .

“Shoes Shoes Socks” Caleb says.  Actually he’s been saying it for about 5 minutes ever since Jen said she was going to take the kids to drop off and rent new movies.  I think we are goign to switch to Netflix since Hollywood Video’s MVP program is now costing me $15 a month and I can’t get new releases at all.  3 bucks more I get 3 at a time from Netflix and no late fees raspberry Or I can pay $30 to Hollywood and do the same thing, except that there’s no time to wait for shipping or anything..  It really isn’t an easy decision..

Back to what I was saying.  The plan is to eventually switch from Psi to GTalk and use that.  But GTalk doesn’t support adding Gateways/Transports so I had to use Psi to set that up.  If GTalk has a smaller footprint then Psi and GAIM, I’ll be set.  Other wise I’ll just go back to Psi and use it..  Eventually I probably drop ICQ, just getting a lot of spam over it lately, nothing important.  Jabber is most likely the “wave of the future” or something so… Anyway, all you Jabbery people, you can reach me at tresni at gmail.com.  It’s federated wink

why not save yourself the trouble and use miranda im?
Posted By: snkmchnb
Cause miranda is evil and filled with cheese..  Okay, not that bad, but miranda seems to have taken the modular design a bit to far..  That, and once you start adding all the various protocol plugins it’s about as bogged down as GAIM..
Posted By: Brian Hartvigsen
that and i think you just wanted something to toy with
Posted By: snkmchnb
I’m using Psi myself. Great client. I’ve been using talk.google.com and the transports at jabber.no myself. Psi is cool, but I thought the transition from QT3 to QT4 was unnecessary… bloated the footprint right up. Ah well, at least it’s a higher version number. *rolleyes* At least it’s not Miranda, which is full of cheese, stringy lettuce and old hot dog wieners.
Uni life sucks when it gets to this stage… four days to deadline and five assignments still to hand in. Still, in a month it’ll all be over.
Posted By: Fatman
Atleast you get to wait till 0.11 before Qt4 is required.  I’m using Qt3 with the windows build 0.10 so no worries yet And from what I’m reading the switch to Qt4 is probably a good thing, fewer workarounds, more features.  Not sure how bad it will bloat the executable, but *shrug*
Posted By: Brian Hartvigsen
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